Interviews Can be Fun!

Yesterday we held our first ever group interview – and it was a great fun!

We invited a small group of candidates who we met at a recent job fair to join us in our office in Leith for a two hour session.This included an overview of Eidyn Care, role plays on various care at home scenarios, a group discussion on confidentiality and of course a few fun ice-breaker games.

We felt it went really well as the candidates got an in depth understanding of the ethos of Eidyn Care, got to meet a number of our team and also meet some other candidates which all led to a far more relaxed atmosphere.

It allowed us to assess their interpersonal skills and see how people genuinely interacted with each other rather than answering prescribed questions in the typical formal interview situation.
We also received great feedback from the candidates who said they had fun and enjoyed being in a group, “much more fun than a normal interview!” and “that was much less scary than I thought it was going to be” were some of the comments we received.

We hope to run more group interviews in the near future so if you would like to come along, please drop us a line or phone us.

Fun Interviews


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