The Accidental Caregiver

Life likes to throw curveballs at us and for some they suddenly become caregivers looking after their loved ones. For others, this role evolves slowly over time. The decision to become a family caregiver is usually driven by circumstances and necessity. Many people decide after experiencing the rewarding feeling of making a positive impact on someone’s life, it is hard to go back to a 9 – 5 office job.

Here’s what our Caregiver, Natalie J, said about her experience looking after her Grandad and how that helped her in her role with Eidyn Care.

“I looked after my grandfather who suffered with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD). This progressive lung disease left him terribly tired after the slightest of tasks. He had home care (local council) which helped him with his personal care. I was there for his shopping, housework, meals and support. Being there for my grandfather gave me a great deal of pride. Near the end of his life, my granddad went into St Columba’s hospice. This place was remarkable!

Spending so much time there, I got a feel of how the wonderful hospice nurses worked. This was when I knew caring for others in need, is the career path I wanted to go down. 

Sadly my grandad passed away peacefully, shortly after being admitted. Seeing my grandad lying there, finally at peace, didn’t make me sad. It made me feel content. Content that I made a difference in his life near the end. It was a comfort knowing I played a huge part in him dying peacefully, even if that was just holding his hand and a reassuring voice telling him that everything will be ok. 

I recently gave end of life care to one of my Eidyn Care clients for the first time. On my two hour visit with him, I put my experience to good use and made sure he was as comfortable as possible. I left him feeling like I had achieved this and I felt like his family thought so too. Then I received the sad news of my client passing away only a few hours later. Strangely enough I actually felt like ok.  I took comfort in knowing I made a difference in his last few days, for him and his wonderful family.”

Do you have experience as an unpaid Caregiver? The role of the Caregiver is an important one and holds a lot of responsibility. Whilst caregiving can be difficult at times, it can also be one of the most rewarding and fulfilling things you can do.

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