Eidyn Care Fife – Dementia Bus

Eidyn Care Fife – Dementia Bus

Last week our Eidyn Angels based over in Fife had the opportunity to experience what life with dementia could be like. We hosted the Virtual Dementia Bus Tour (Training2Care) outside our Lochgelly office. Our carers came from all over Fife (Dunfermline, Rosyth, Kelty, Cowdenbeath, Kirkcaldy and more!) 

The Dementia Bus is a simulator which gives a person with a healthy brain a chance to enter the world of the person with dementia. The experience highlights what it feels like to have dementia, the confusion, how sounds and perception are changed and how some simple changes could be made to their care practice to really benefit our clients. 

Those who took part in the experience were given ordinarily straightforward tasks to do in the bus like organising socks or writing down a note. However, following these commands proved to be very challenging, as participants wore gloves (to mimic age related nerve damage) and goggles to obscure vision (like macular degeneration). 

After completing the simulation experience on the bus, our carers came inside into our training room and had an informative video debrief. There were many fascinating dementia facts to take on board, which will allow our carers to make a significant impact on the lives of our clients with cognisant illnesses.  

We would like to thank Training2Care for delivering such a rewarding and informative experience. Our carers all came away having learned something new.