Covid – 19

Covid-19 has caused a huge disruption to everyone’s lives and during this unprecedented times we have put in a number of processes and procedures to minimise the risk to our clients and staff.

To reduce cross contamination we have put Personal Protection (PPE) supplies in to every client’s house. This ensures that Covid-19 does not have the ability to move from one house to another house.

Each staff member also has their own PPE that they can use when out and about. They must all wear masks and PPE when working within close proximity of their clients.

Prior to Covid-19, we had split the team into three geographic areas. This reduces the risk of cross contamination and would allow us to “lock down” an area should a client or stay member test positive.

We review the government guidance on a regular basis and communicate any changes to the team to ensure that they are following the latest guidance on Infection control and use of PPE.