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Care during the day

Independence and dignity at home

We believe that everyone has the right to enjoy a high quality of life at home. Our carefully matched day care care service meets daily medical, social, domestic and personal needs and helps improve health, wellbeing and lifestyle.

Living well at home

Day care provides companionship and friendship, at a time when people need it most. Whether it’s cooking meals and eating together, heading out to a club or activity or offering a much-needed sympathetic ear, our carers are there to get the most out of people’s existing lifestyles and, where possible, enhance them. They can help with:

  • Personal care (hygiene)
  • Cooking and meal planning
  • Housekeeping – cleaning and laundry
  • Household management/administration
  • Mobility support
  • Social activities and lifestyle support
  • Shopping and trips outdoors

A carefully matched care team

Our professional care teams are chosen carefully to suit individual and medical needs. Similar personalities and interests help the carer and the client form closer relationships, provide more enjoyment and significantly contribute to a better lifestyle. Of course, we also make sure the live-in team is introduced before the care service starts.

If, in the rare event, the match doesn’t work out, we’ll happily work with you to find a care team that does.

Specialist, experienced and professional carers

Every carer completes our award-winning training and can provide expert care and medical support for dementia, Parkinson’s disease, MS, stroke, cancer or post-operative rehabilitation or for those requiring end-of-life care in their own home. As well as forming a very personal relationship, our carers can:

  • Help to administer medicine and manage all aspects of medical care
  • Access specialist advice and psychological support (including a dedicated dementia nurse)
  • Communicate and engage regularly with family and other health professionals

We don’t ever use agency staff and only employ the very highest standards of carers.

Familiar faces, caring companions

Unlike our competitors, our professional carers work short alternate rotas. This means they can get adequate rest, provide a continuity of service and deliver consistently excellent standards of care.

Carers also have a daily break of two hours which can be planned to coincide with rest time, a family visit or whatever suits best.

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