Duty of Candour Report 2024

Duty of Candour report 2024

The Duty of Candour is an important concept within the healthcare system, emphasizing transparency and honesty. This duty compels health and social care providers to openly communicate with patients when their care goes awry, causing or potentially causing harm. The goal of the Duty of Candour Report is to ensure that incidents are not only acknowledged but also thoroughly examined to prevent future occurrences.

What Does the Duty of Candour Report Include?

The report typically encompasses several key elements:

  1. Notification: It begins with notifying the affected person about the incident and explaining what happened.
  2. Apology: An essential component is the apology from the provider, acknowledging the error and its impact on the patient.
  3. Review and Response: The report details the steps taken to investigate the incident, the findings of such an investigation, and the actions implemented to improve services and prevent similar issues.

The Edinburgh and Fife Duty of Candour reports can be downloaded here:

Edinburgh Duty of Candour Report 2024

Fife Duty of Candour Report 2024