Bone Metastases

The Benefits of Radiation Therapy for Bone Metastases

Bone metastases is a painful condition which occurs when cancer spreads to the bones. It is often the first symptom which leads to a cancer diagnosis. The early detection of cancer spreading allows for effective, early treatment made possible by Private Home Care Services.This prevents the bones from becoming so weak that they break. This unfortunate affliction is worsened by other diseases such as bone infections and arthritis and is accompanied by a great deal of pain.

The American Society for Radiation Oncology (ASTRO) recommends palliative radiation therapy for the safe treatment of painful bone metastases, listing dosing schedules for optimal pain relief and retreatment. Specialist Palliative Care Service needs to address this area of oncology with the correct treatments necessary to minimize pain and facilitate recovery.


Radiotherapy relieves many of the symptoms which accompany these lesions eating into a patient’s bones. Research shows that it is most beneficial to adopt a single-fraction approach to radiotherapy to minimize toxicity. ASTRO’s research says that “a single 8-Gy radiotherapy dose for bone metastases should be offered to all patients, even those with poor survival.”. It is rather shocking that only 3% of all hospice and palliative care patients actually receive the radiotherapy which they agree is necessary for the treatment of their symptoms.

Once the Primary Treatment has been received it may be necessary for reirradiation by means of external-beam radiation. Approximately 58% of all bone metastases sufferers experience an improved overall pain response after retreatment.Private home care services allow for the constant monitoring of a client’s pain levels. Should pain arising from bone metastases be found, an effective radiotherapy schedule will be developed.


The precise targeting of tumor sites in conjunction with the leading treatment recommendations set out by modern medical research allows specialist palliative care service providers to make informed decisions, limiting retreatment. This is made possible through advanced treatments such asstereotactic body radiation therapy which allows for the exact targeting of specific tumor sites.

With cost, length of treatment and retreatment frequency being cited as the main reasons for not receiving radiation care at home, Edinburgh clients will be happy to know of the reduced number of retreatments recommended by ASTRO’s extensive study. There is no need to suffer the burden and pain of bone metastases when you have the care, attention and expertise of private home care services at your disposal.

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