Eidyn Care’s ‘Dementia Bus’ Training Day

Social Care Dementia Training in Edinburgh

Our Eidyn Angels had a fantastic day experiencing what life with dementia could be like.

The Dementia Bus, provided by Training 2care, is the only scientifically and medically proven method of giving a person with a healthy brain an experience of what dementia might be like, through an immersive audio and visual experience.

Home Care Assistants Smiling in front of the Dementia Bus
Dementia training in Edinburgh

On a glorious sunny day in West Pilton, Edinburgh, a small team entered the dementia bus. Each colleague wore headphones, gloves and glasses and were then immersed into an environment that was surreal and confusing and asked to do a series of tasks. Multiple sounds, strange voices and lights bombarded their senses. Reacting to commands was difficult with simple tasks were hampered by gloves (mimics age related nerve damage), goggles obscured vision (similar to macular degeneration) and the instructor roleplayed behaviours that some uneducated care staff show.

This one-of-a-kind training method allowed our home care assistants to enter the world of the person with dementia. A comprehensive debrief then occurred on how best to adapt their care practices to really improve the lives of our clients with cognisant illnesses. You can read more about the Dementia Bus here.

Carers taking part immersive dementia training
Social Care Workers experiencing dementia training in Edinburgh

Feedback on the Dementia Bus

We asked our carers what their main take aways were:

Michelle, our trainer, said “the person living with dementia shouldn’t have to change their behaviour, you should change your behaviour to accommodate theirs

Sandra said: “A simple thing like creating space or changing the colour of plates dramatically helps a client with Dementia. ”

Carol said: “I never realised that you should tell the client your name over and over again. I always thought once or twice but even if you turn your back, the dementia patient can forget who you are. The gentle touch on their arm to makes such a huge difference. Amazing training

This training was complemented by our online dementia training so that our team are equipped with all the skills to support our clients who have various cognitive illnesses.

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Carers smiling in front of the Dementia Bus
Home Care Assistants in Edinburgh
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