Frequently Asked Question (FAQ)

Making a decision about home care for a loved one is never easy. To be comfortable with your options, you need answers. We hope the following information is a good start. If your questions aren’t completely answered please phone us on 0131 285 1221 and we will be happy to discuss your specific family situation.

What kind of home care services do you provide?

We provide numerous home care services across Edinburgh to families just like yours. To see how we might be able to help your family specifically, please phone us to have a free at home consultation to discuss and agree your specific care plan.

Where do you provide services?

At present we are only providing services to Edinburgh and the surrounding area. 

Are your caregivers insured ? 

Yes. Every caregiver is employed by Eidyn Care and we have Employers and Public Liabilty insurance of £10,000,000 underwritten by Zurich Insurance. Each caregiver has a face-to-face interview with our Registered Manager. Following a successful interview, we conduct reference checks and carry out enhanced PVG disclosure checks, ensuring our care givers are of the best calibre.

Will I have a choice of who comes to my home?

Yes. We encourage your involvement in the decision-making process. With our screening and selection system, you can be rest assured that we do our best to take the guesswork out of matching the right caregiver to you and your family. However, you must be satisfied. We always try to accommodate any requests you may have for a change in caregivers. 

Will my family member always receive care from the same caregiver?

Our goal is to establish a long-term caregiving relationship with your loved one. Should your family want to request another caregiver for any reason, we’ll search for a match until your family is happy. We understand that a strong rapport and trust with a caregiver is vital to a successful home care experience. If your loved one receives care for many hours in a day or at different times of the day throughout the week, it may be necessary to schedule more than one caregiver in a given week. If your family requires multiple caregivers, our goal is the same: we want you to be satisfied and happy. We’ll do what it takes to make sure we achieve that goal.  

Can Eidyn Care help with medications?

Yes, we can either prompt, assist or administer medications as prescribed. We will discuss and agree this as part of your care plan.   

Can I change or discontinue the services my loved one receives?

You can change the number or type of service we provide your loved one whenever it’s necessary. We understand the care situation can quickly change, so we’re as flexible as possible with your loved one’s care. Plus, you’re never bound to a long-term contract, so you can discontinue your relationship with Eidyn Care at your discretion.  

How can I verify a visit was completed?

We use a dedicated app that records the start and end time of each visit and records all items of the care plan. An itemised invoice is emailed each week after services are complete. This lets you ask any questions about time or date of care, and it allows us to make any schedule adjustments before your invoice is sent. 

Do I need a doctor’s authorisation for your services?

No. You don’t need pre-authorisation, pre-qualification, certification or even a prescription for Eidyn Care services. You choose the services you want, when to start those services and how often those services are used. 

What are the costs of your home care services?

Every family we serve receives a Custom Care Plan specific to their needs and budget. Several factors help determine the exact cost:

  • Number of hours of care per week
  • Level of home care services received (non-medical, skilled nursing, etc.)
  • Our home care services are typically billed on an hourly basis. This makes it easy to make a Custom Care Plan for you. To discuss the exact rates for the services you may need, please contact us. We will set up a free in-home consultation to begin discussing a Custom Care Plan.

We always provide a written rate sheet prior to initiating care services. Rates may increase due to additional care needs. This will be agreed with you prior to starting  care.

 The local council maybe able to help depending on your circumstances. More information can be found here 

Do I pay the caregiver directly?

No. You (or an authorised representative) are only invoiced after the completion of services. The invoice is sent weekly and a direct debit from the nominated bank account is taken 7 days after the invoice is sent. You never have to pay caregivers directly, and you’ll never be asked to pay an additional fee to any employee. 

Together, we’ll go over the care your family needs and the care we provide. We’ll answer all of your questions regarding in-home care services and costs. Then, we’ll begin putting together your Custom Care Plan and matching your loved one with the right caregiver. Usually, care can begin within one to two weeks.

How long have you been in business?

Eidyn Care was founded in 2016, however Rebecca, your Care Manager, has been working as a Nurse in the health care service since 2006.