Duty of Candour Report 2023

Duty of Candour Report March 2023 

Duty of Candour 

Duty of Candour is a legal requirement to ensure that if something goes wrong in health or social care services the people affected are offered an explanation, an apology and an assurance that staff will learn from the error. The learning is shared with the people affected and throughout Scotland.  

About our organisation 

This report describes how a medium sized care at home provider has implemented Duty of Candour throughout the period of 1st April 2022 to 31st March 2023. 

Eidyn Care supports 38 people to live in their own individual homes with a small team of supporters who are matched to work for the person and provide bespoke, flexible and tailored support that meets their individual needs. 

Eidyn Care has a Duty of Candour policy and staff guidance.  All staff have access to this policy which is reviewed annually.   

The people we work for have a variety of support needs; ranging from assistance with meals and activities of daily living to end of life care. 

Incident Reporting 

All health and social care services in Scotland must provide an annual duty of candour report for their service. As a care at home provider this information is produced annually and can be accessed on our website (www.eidyncare.co.uk

During the reporting period, no incidents triggered the Duty of Candour.  

Type of unexpected or unintended incident Number of times this happened 
Someone has died 
Someone has permanently less bodily, sensory, motor, physiologic or intellectual functions  
Someone’s treatment has increased because of harm 
The structure of someone’s body changes because of harm 
Someone’s life expectancy becomes shorter because of harm 
Type of unexpected or unintended incident Number of times this happened 
Someone’s sensory, motor or intellectual functions is impaired for 28 days or more 
Someone experienced pain or psychological harm for 28 days or more 
A person needed health treatment in order to prevent them dying 
A person needing health treatment in order to prevent other injuries 

Our Policy and Process 

When an incident occurs that necessitates the implementation of Duty of Candour, our staff reports this to their Care Team Lead and to the Registered Manager. The incident is recorded, and the Registered Manager completes the Care Inspectorate reporting e-form. 

The internal reporting form (accident/incident investigation form on PASS) highlights the learning needed as a result of the incident.  

Our external confidential, employee counselling service is available to all staff at any time but if Duty of Candour is triggered it is emphasised to staff that this is available.  Senior management meet with staff to provide support and emphasise this is about learning and improving not blame. 

Duty of Candour is part of our induction training and annual updates which all staff have to undertake. Following any Duty of Candour incidents, Eidyn Care undertake a full investigation including a reflective discussion including how to prevent future incidents. This is also included in our whistleblowing policy and values training. 

Where the incident arises from staff wrong doing our disciplinary process is immediately put in place. 

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