We have partnered with a specialist Home Care Scheduling company that allows the full administration of Eidyn Care from within one system. 

This tool allows us to schedule each carer depending on their skills and attributes and ensure they are the most suitable match for the client. 

The care plan is managed from within the application and this allows the caregiver to see exactly what the client needs when they arrive at the house. The application describes exactly what the client needs and when. This takes away the hassle of paper and the need to write up paper notes as it is all done within the application allowing the caregiver to focus solely on their patient. 

The care manager reviews these interactions on a daily basis and any concerns can be highlighted allowing proactive management of the patients care. 

The Caregiver records when they arrive and when they leave so any missed appointments are immediately flagged. 

To ensure complete transparency, we can also enable a family login that allows you to see when and what care has been provided.