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Below is a job description, detailing your responsibilities and working hours. 

Job Description – Caregiver 

Job Title: Caregiver  – Band B 

Reports to: Care Team Lead 

Location: Eidyn Care Limited in Edinburgh and the surrounding areas. 


Main function of the job  


To support individuals who choose to remain in the comfort and security of their own homes, helping them to live as independently as possible by supporting them in an enablement focussed way. The tasks you undertake will be agreed by the client and the manager once they have assessed the clients’ needs. This will be written down as an individual care plan, which will be held on PASS, our care plan app. This will specify your duties for each individual client you work with and it will be your responsibility to follow this, reporting any changes in requirements that you or your clients identify.  


To maintain care skills at a current level and undertake such training and development as may from time-to-time be required to maintain that currency of practice. 

Principle Duties of Care 

As a caregiver, you’ll be responsible for meeting the personal daily living needs of clients. The following list gives examples of the type of duties you may undertake. All of these should be done in a manner which encourages clients to be as independent and active as possible, appropriate to their abilities: 

  • Assist getting up in the morning, including washing/bathing, dressing and maintaining personal appearance. 

  • Assist with preparation of meals, drinks and snacks when necessary. 

  • Assist with toileting and changing clothes and or bedding where necessary. 

  • Maintain commodes, wash clothes and bedlinen (which may include soiled laundry) when necessary. 

  • Assist and encourage the management of medication or administer where necessary and appropriate. 

  • Monitor health related conditions such as dietary and fluid intake, urinary output. 

  • Help clients with mobility difficulties, or other physical disabilities, including incontinence. 

  • Help in the use of aids and other personal equipment. 

  • Assist with other tasks of personal daily living that the client cannot manage  

  • Assist with undressing and getting to bed in the evening. 

Management of the organisation 


  • Develop effective working relationships with the other employees within Eidyn Care Limited. 

  • Support an open, positive and inclusive working culture. 

  • Adhere to Eidyn Care Limited’s policies and procedures. 

  • Work towards Eidyn Care organisational goals, business, and quality objectives. 

  • Work to establish effective employer-employee relationships. 

  • Minimise legal risks. 

  • Systematically solve day-to-day problematical issues which arise with support from the leadership team as required 

  • Management of Care Services 


    • Adhere to the philosophy, goals and objectives for the care practice. 

    • Assist in the assessment of the effectiveness of care implementation and delivery 

    • Implement action to meet and maintain care standards. 

    • Work in cooperation with members of multi-disciplinary health teams in order to maximise opportunities for client care. 

    • Ensure client rights are protected. 

    • Encourage a model of self-care and client rehabilitation. 

    • Record relevant activities in Personal Plans. 

    • Evaluate standards of care competence. 


    Professional Long Term Care Leadership 


    • Encourage health promotion within care strategies. 

    • Seek opportunities for personal and professional growth. 

    • Promote a positive image for employment within Eidyn Care Limited. 


    Standards of Performance 


    • Manager / Client satisfaction. 

    • Feedback from manager. 

    • Clients personal hygiene and comfort is maintained at all times. 

    • Ensure clients maintain their dignity and participate in normal daily activities. 

    • Accurate and high levels of documentation  


    Measure of Effectiveness 


    • Care Team Lead, Trainer and client feedback. 

    • Eidyn Care has an excellent reputation in the community. 


    Essential Qualities 


    • Previous experience in a palliative setting, working with clients with a life limiting diagnosis such as cancer or motor neurone disease. (3 plus years) 

    • Previous experience working with Adults in a care setting / domiciliary care. 

    • Effective verbal communication skills. 

    • Excellent interpersonal skills. 

    • Ability to work effectively as a team member. 

    • Ability to work under own initiative. 

    • Excellent knowledge of the National Care Standards and the work of the Care Inspectorate, Health Improvement Scotland and Scottish Social Services Council (SSSC) Codes of Practice. 

    • Use of own vehicle (preferred). 

    • Excellent numeracy and literacy skills. 

    • A good understanding of other cultures and familiarity with diversity. 

    • Keen to undertake further training and career progression. 

    • Relevant SVQ or similar qualifications. (Level 2 or Above) 

    • A good understanding of elderly health issues. 

    • An ability to handle emergency situations. 

    • A good knowledge of equal opportunities. 


    Working hours 


    Full-time hours. Must be available between 7am-10pm. Working every other weekend.


    Qualifications required 


    SVQ 2 Health and Social Care (equivalent).