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How it Works

Eidyn Care has a team of dedicated caregivers waiting to care for you in your home.  We will strive to allocate you a caregiver who meets your personal needs, interests and preferences to ensure a strong and rewarding relationship.

We realise how important the bond between client and caregiver is and we will provide a dedicated small team of caregivers to ensure a familiar face arrives each visit.

Initial Contact

When you contact Eidyn Care, or ask for a call back, you will initially speak with our Care Manager, Rebecca, who has several years experience in providing care in NHS and a Local Hospice.  You can decide whether you would like to have an informal chat on the telephone, or for us to email or post out further information for you to read at your leisure.

Onsite Visit

If you wish to then have Rebecca visit you for a free, no obligation chat to assess your care needs, this can be arranged at a convenient time to suit yourself and your family.  We actively encourage you to have all parties involved in this meeting. 

We ask a number of questions to understand the care required but also hobbies, preferences and interests so we an match with a suitable caregiver.

If you decide to engage Eidyn Care to look after your needs, we will arrange a more formal visit to go through all the care plans and contracts required.  If you would prefer to look further for your care you are under no obligation.

Care Assessment and Planning Visit

Again, at a convenient time for you and your family, Rebecca will attend with all the relevant paperwork to complete, it is anticipated that this admission to the service could take between 1-2 hours so please set aside plenty of time so that this important planning stage is not rushed.

Introduction to Caregiver

An introductory meeting will be held with you and your key caregiver prior to any care starting.  This ensures that both you and the caregiver can begin this important relationship in a safe and secure manner.  If at any time you feel this relationship is not working well, then it is important to feed this back to Rebecca in order for it to be rectified.

Care Commencement

Once you are happy that everything is in place, care will begin.  Initially we will review daily until we are satisfied that you and the caregiver(s) have settled into an established routine, and we will then move to review weekly, then monthly.  If you or your family have any cause for concern before our scheduled review, then we welcome your feedback at any time.

Review of Care Plan

We will regularly review your care plan to ensure we are adapting to any changes in your care needs. This may be daily/weekly to begin with, and then monthly thereafter.  As you progress in your care journey we may need to review the care plan more often again. All changes will be discussed with you, your family and any other relevant health care professional involved in your care before being implemented.

Feedback Request

Every three months, Eidyn Care Limited will send out a satisfaction survey to you, your family and your caregiver(s).  This is a good opportunity to raise any concerns, or to praise things you are pleased with.  You may do this anonymously if you wish, but we do encourage you to sign your surveys as it allows us an opportunity to rectify any issues. We also ask you to contact us before the three months if you have any concerns, rather than wait to be asked for feedback.

Multi-Disciplinary Team

We at Eidyn Care will not be the only healthcare professionals involved in your care, and our caregivers are experienced and trained in knowing when to contact other health care providers to enhance your care experience.  An example would be if we felt you were needing better symptom management; if you prefer and with your permission our caregiver or registered manager could contact your GP or district nurse to discuss your treatment plan.

Hospital / Hospice Admissions

If you were to require an admission to the hospital or hospice for any reason we will suspend your contract with Eidyn Care Limited until you wish to return home.  If you were unable to return home for any reason, then we would mutually terminate our contract with no recourse.


Each week we send out an invoice that contains the hours and carer that visited. Payment is due 7 days later and this can be via a direct payment or  a direct debit that automatically collects the amount. More information on funding your care can be found here: www.eidyncare.co.uk/funding-home-care 


Eidyn Care Limited has comprehensive insurance cover in place through Zurich Insurance, which can be viewed if you or your family wish.