Click the following  Webroster URL (https://www.mywebroster.com) to access the login screen.

  • Username — Your unique username – this will normally be your firstname and first letter of your surname. 
  • Password — The password assigned to the username you are using
  • Member ID – Your unique Webroster database ID


For security reasons do not give anyone your login details.

Staff Portal

Once the Staff user logins in to their Staff type login they see the following screen.

From here they can view different areas of the system that they have permission to view. For example, they could see their Details, their Roster and their timesheets.

The user can access these different areas using the box icons.

Clicking on the Webroster.net logo returns to this view from anywhere.

Staff Details

Clicking Details shows the Staff’s own details as they are recorded in the Webroster system.

You can see details of Extras, Working Areas (e.g. Leith, Blackhall, Cammo), Features (e.g. Hoist trained, Meds trained etc) and Working Schedule by clicking the correct tabs.


The Staff details can only be edited by the Staff User if the Staff user is in a group which allows changes.



Clicking the Roster tab shows the schedule of jobs for the Staff member.

There are several icons shown in the booking to show further information is available.

If the booking has co-workers assigned, then you will see an additional icon in the booking. If the booking is partially filled or if the booking is filled. Clicking on either of these icons will show all the workers names for the booking. Hovering over the icon gives a count showing how many of the total Staff required are booked.

These booking icons can be disabled for a User by going to Setup then going to Users from the drop-down list. Under the User System Permissions tab tick ‘Disable Roster quick link icons’.

The Staff User should create new availability every week by end of the day Sunday to allow rostering to happen the next week. If you need to change after this please inform the care-coordinator rather than amending your availabiltiy. 


Click Timesheets to see timesheets that have been generated for bookings in the selected week. https://elearning.mywebroster.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/07/Timesheets.png

Clicking the edit icon shows details of the timesheets. These cannot be edited by the Staff User. Timesheets that have been payrolled are shown in yellow.

Payroll Detail

Payroll – Click to show a list of the payroll entries for this Staff member.

Select by ticking and click Print Selected to see details of the payroll.



Click on the Notes tab to see Notes for the Staff member. Click on the note from the list to show the note details. A private note is denoted by having a padlock icon next to the title in the list.