The Covid-19 pandemic has had a profound effect on everybody’s day to day lives. We are continuing to work with you and your loved ones to ensure that we maintain the highest quality of care during this time.

We are still open for business and actively supporting the NHS and council to reduce the burden where possible and have capacity to take on new clients.

As part of our contingency planning we have implemented the following:

  • Dedicated PPE (Personal Protection Equipment) in every clients home
  • 3 month supply of PPE including gloves, masks and visors
  • Dedicated client areas to reduce cross contamination
  • Regular training and updates on use of PPE to all staff
  • Amended our training and onboarding process through the use of online training
  • Regular communication and updates to all clients and staff on any changes

We use the latest technology that allows us to monitor our staff and our clients remotely ensuring the highest quality of care is maintained during theses challenging times.

If you have any questions on Covid-19 or interested in looking after you or your loved one, please don’t hesitate to contact us on 0131 285 1221