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Become an Eidyn Carer

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Become an Eidyn Carer

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What makes an Eidyn Carer
Eidyn Care a Love for helping others
We want carers who enjoy helping others to be a part of our family! We appreciate and praise honesty, respect and compassion, which is what we want our carers to express when they work for us.
Willing to learn more as a carer
As a carer you are always learning new things, which is why having a learning mindset is a great thing to possess when joining us. We have regular staff meetings as well to keep everyone up to date with the business procedures
What makes an Eidyn Carer
Eidyn Care Worker Compassionate
Being compassionate comes hand in hand with being a good carer. Compassion for those you care for shows off your empathy and is a key trait we look for in all of our carers.
Strong work ethic for eidyn carers recruitment
Having a positive attitude leads to a strong work ethic. Sometimes care work can be tough, which is why our selection process has been carefully put in place so we only pick those who truly wish to succeed in the care sector!

Be a Part of a Family, not Just an Organisation.

Eidyn Care strives to make sure that our carers are the most experienced, friendly and versatile in the industry. 

All of our carers are given an equal opportunity to grow, which means it’s down to ones own work ethic and dedication to just how far you can go. This is shown by one of our fantastic Care givers Natalie J, who realised her calling was to help others.

She first got into the care sector when looking after her grandfather, who suffered from COPD. She would help with household tasks and grocery shopping. During this time, she gained respect for those who worked in care and wished to pursue it as a career.


Read her full story here.

Filling up the kettle with carer
Living wage employer Eidyn care carers
Training & Support from Eidyn Care
Guaranteed Hours Eidyn care recruitment

Why Choose Eidyn Care?

Unlike our competitors, we hire our carers, meaning we are not an introductory care company but a fully qualified care company that is regulated by the Scottish Care Inspectorate. We are also a living-wage employer so your wage is guaranteed to go up every year!

Our core values revolve around making sure our clients can live with dignity and respect. As well as that, we also want our carers to act in a respectful way with the utmost integrity and show genuine compassion. Eidyn Care truly cares about its employees and clients.

We also have regular training and staff meetings to ensure all of our carers are kept up to date in both company policy and caring skill.

We are always on the lookout for individuals who can join our growing family of carers. People who have a good heart, experience and an eagerness to help others are more than welcome to apply!

The Eidyn Care Family

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